About CELT Colleges

Founded in 2001, CELT Colleges, over the course of 17 years, has created a perfect English learning environment and have assisted many Azerbaijanis in studying abroad.

CELT Colleges have expanded almost every year by opening new branch offices in central areas of the city of Baku, and currently own 10 centres and 1 center in Istanbul, Turkey.

What we do

CELT Colleges started by providing professional English classes for individuals and Corporations.  Currently, we provide English classes primarily for students who are interested in studying abroad. And our corporate partners are usually government offices such as the Ministry of Taxes, the State  Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) etc… We have developed proven solutions for students who are interested in obtaining a degree abroad. We start by improving their English and preparing them for the exams and finally helping them with placement in European universities. We also provide professional development in house to assure the quality of our teachers, many of whom are TESOL certified in the UK.

Vision statement

We believe our methodology is very important for developing countries. We offer parents impeccably-planned strategies for their children at all phases of their education, and we are intending to expand this practice internationally by opening branch offices in neighboring countries.

Mission statement

We are rapidly expanding in Azerbaijan by serving more than 2,000 students, and we have helped thousands of students study in European universities over the course of the past 17 years. We believe in helping companies by improving their employees’ business skills as well. We love doing our job and being a vital part of the educational development of a rapidly-growing Azerbaijan. Parents entrust their children’s future to us, and we exceed their expectations. We plan to expand our service to the South Caucasus and Central Asia and Turkey.


Our main objective is to expand our international presence by offering a Cambridge English Preparation Center and distance learning facilities

Business goals & objectives

Our growth has been dramatic. We have tried to keep pace with the rapid transformation of the Azerbaijan Republic. We have acquired four modern buildings for four of our centers, and hence, we are planning for the future.

Business competitiveness

Unlike the International system, which does not fit to Azerbaijani model, we have many small classes designed to improve all minor language issues of our students, taking into account that Azerbaijani students have weak secondary preparation.