An Azerbaijani young man who won a scholarship from Harvard University

We are all pleased that Azerbaijani youth study at prestigious universities around the world and achieve success in academic activities. We always create various opportunities for our youth to study in high-quality and prestigious universities.

The next winner is Vusal Guliyev, a doctoral fellow at the prestigious Harvard University Davis Center in the United States. This year, out of thousands of candidates from all over the world, only 18 were awarded the title of research doctoral student at the Davis Center, one of whom is our compatriot. He is currently a doctoral student in political science at Shanghai International Studies University, one of the most prestigious diplomacy schools in the country, located in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, and is also a participant in the Shanghai Government Scholarship Program. V.Guliyev is also the winner of the Shanghai City Scholarship Program (category A) in 2018, where the competition is quite high and only one candidate can be selected from among foreign students at the faculty. In addition, within the framework of the International University Protocol and the opportunities provided by the scholarship program, he continued part of his doctoral studies at Kyushi University in Japan (2019) and Ankara University of the Republic of Turkey (2020) by signing international projects with special research groups.

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