Great chance! ADMISSION TO Harvard University WITHOUT EXAMS!

we, CELT International School, due to the coronavirus, decided to create great opportunities for all those who want to study all over the world, as well as due to the uncertainty in our country.

Of the world, Everyone wants to study at the BEST university. We, as CELT, wanted to make this dream come true. To this end, expanding our international relations As a CELT International School, our students attend Harvard University only with a CELT Certificate We have created a great opportunity for them to be accepted!

For those who want to be admitted to Harvard University in 2021, only a CELT International School Certificate is enough!

ATTENTION! This opportunity only applies to those who will be admitted to the Celt International School (CBM) by September.

CELT International School (CBM) for the first time in Azerbaijan for upper-class students (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades) and also for high school graduates Recognized by the Canadian Ministry of Education and internationally accredited Provides opportunities to study in Canadian schools.

For information, everyone who has been admitted to CELT International School only until September of this year With the CELT International School Certificate, you have the opportunity to be admitted to Harvard University without taking any exams.

Harvard University’s 2021 application process will begin in November 2020, and the overall process will end in January 2021, followed by the interview process. For this reason, without an exam and with a CELT certificate to Harvard University Only our students who will start classes in September will be eligible to participate in the admission.

As CELT International School, we will fully support the admission process of all our students to Harvard University.

Therefore, If you want to be admitted to the world’s number one university without taking any exams, CELT International School is waiting for you. Right now Follow this link to CELT International School apply and get a chance to study at Canada and get an international diploma and be admitted to Harvard University without an exam!

In addition, Harvard University will be ready to provide any assistance to students who will be admitted next year, given the financial difficulties people are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How to be admitted to CELT International School?

To be admitted to CELT International School, you can apply by following the link below.

What documents are required for admission to CELT International School (CBM)?

  1. Certificate of education from the secondary school where you studied and price list. (Documents must be translated into English and notarized)
  2. New ID card or passport (Original and copy)
  3. Parent information (Copy of parent’s passport)

What will be the form of education at CELT International School?

The training is organized in a special way at the International School of CELT and will be conducted online or in video format by the teachers of the Canadian school where you will study. The training process will be conducted under the special supervision of the CBM. All exams you take while studying will be administered by the Canadian School in a transparent manner.

What language will the education be conducted in?

The program is taught exclusively in English. The minimum English language level of a student enrolled in the admissions program must be at level B1.

Every student who graduates from CELT International School (CBM) will receive an OSSD internationally recognized by Education Canada. Diploma grades (points) will be determined on the basis of grades (points) received by the student in the educational process and in the final exam.

Admission to Harvard University is possible through very large and lengthy exam processes. However, this year CELT International School offers you the opportunity to be admitted to Harvard University without an exam. Don’t miss this GREAT chance. Right now contact us.

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