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Hello. Prices for services at CELT Colleges are among the most frequently asked questions. As prices are updated every year, we, as CELT, cannot write prices on our website as figures. Because when you write the prices on the site, the prices will be different next year, and people will be dissatisfied that it is different from what is shown on the site.

Prices for English language courses can vary greatly depending on the student’s group and duration. For example, a student with an intermediate level can get the required level for less, but a student starting from scratch can finish for a higher amount and for a longer period of time.

The grades for SAT exam preparation, IELTS, and TOEFL exams also vary depending on your current language skills. Upper-intermediate language students can complete the language exams faster. Or you can finish an SAT in a very short time with better math and reading comprehension skills.

Therefore, you can learn prices CELT by calling our office. Or from our Facebook account. Thanks a lot for understanding the situation.

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