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Corporate English

Although many companies make English language programs for corporate companies, no one can use English at the end of the program because the quality is very low. Because quality is not always taken into account so that prices are low. The program implemented by CELT is only for companies that really want to teach English, based on quality. Take advantage of our programs if you want your employees to have a guaranteed non-certified English language.

General Corporate

  • Cambridge Education System
  • Weekly Report
  • Cambridge + CELT Books
  • International CELT Certificate

Business Corporate

  • Cambridge Education System
  • Weekly Report
  • Cambridge + CELT Books
  • International CELT Certificate

What our students say

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What our students say

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Why CELT Colleges?

English UK member

CELT Colleges is a member of English UK. English UK is an organization that accredits English language courses.

Online Systematic Teaching

CELT Colleges provides students with an international education with a teaching control system. You can continue your education anywhere without internet without wasting time.

Parental satisfaction

Transparent education system. All our parents can monitor their children's learning process, teacher assessment and student attendance through the online system.

National Book of Cambridge

CELT Colleges uses a national book organized in conjunction with the Cambridge Education System. The books belong only to CELT Colleges

Interactive Teaching with Games

You learn English not only with books, but also by playing games using our mobile applications. This will help you to remember the words better

Speech Oriented

The teaching method and assessment system are completely focused on practical English. After the first lesson, students always have practical lessons with other teachers.

Questions about corporate English

Corporate or business English are English language courses tailored to the professions of your company’s employees. This program allows your employees to speak and write professionally in English.

Regardless of your current level, there is no question that your English will develop rapidly.

The simple reason is to build our unique system to suit you, so your performance will increase.

The reason for this is that we approach each student individually. We know that everyone is different.

Everyone thinks, moves and sees differently. We learn differently. Our courses offer a method to encourage learning.

Our system assures you that you will learn. Guaranteed for each level

We provide individual and group courses (A1-C2) for everyone.

We organize courses for companies in their offices.

Because the system is designed specifically for you, it allows you to take quick steps in learning.