CELT TKT Cambridge Exam

TKT Cambridge Exam

TKT is a test of professional teaching knowledge and skills for non-native English teachers. This is an ideal opportunity for all teachers, regardless of teaching experience.

TKT - Teaching knowledge test

The Teaching Knowledge and Skills Test is designed for the following individuals:

The TKT exam consists of several modules. You can choose all of them or just what you need. You have the option to choose the time and type of modules, as well as obtain a certificate for each module. There are 3 main modules covering the development of your teaching knowledge and skills.

Expert modules:

TKT: Content and Language Integrated Learning – Tests that can be conducted in institutions that teach English in other subjects of the curriculum other than English

TKT: Young learners – A test to learn the knowledge of young people between the ages of 6-12

TKT Cambridge, part of the University of Cambridge, is internationally recognized by ESOL and has high standards.

TKT was divided into different modules. You can choose all of them or just what you need. You have the convenience to choose the time and type of modules, as well as get a certificate for each module.

The results are presented in four evaluation systems. This document reflects the meaning in terms of capacity for each of the four assessment systems for all three major TKT modules.

Each module has a test paper that lasts 80 minutes and asks 80 questions. Each question is worth 1 mark. There are many selective and relevant questions.

What our students say

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What our students say

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Why CELT Colleges?

English UK member

CELT Colleges is a member of English UK. English UK is an organization that accredits English language courses.

Online Systematic Teaching

CELT Colleges provides students with an international education with a teaching control system. You can continue your education anywhere without internet without wasting time.

Parental satisfaction

Transparent education system. All our parents can monitor their children's learning process, teacher assessment and student attendance through the online system.

National Book of Cambridge

CELT Colleges uses a national book organized in conjunction with the Cambridge Education System. The books belong only to CELT Colleges

Interactive Teaching with Games

You learn English not only with books, but also by playing games using our mobile applications. This will help you to remember the words better

Speech Oriented

The teaching method and assessment system are completely focused on practical English. After the first lesson, students always have practical lessons with other teachers.

Questions about TKT

Teaching Knowledge Test. TKT is an exam from Cambridge that tests your basic teaching knowledge.

TKT consists of three main modules, one test for each. Each test lasts 80 minutes and has 80 questions. The tests can be performed together or separately in any order.

No. These can be taken separately or together.

Just passing the TKT test is not a proof of your practical teaching skills, although as with language learning, subject knowledge can have at least positive practical effects. To prove your true teaching skills, you must take a course that includes TKT: Practical or (preferably) observable and step-by-step teaching practice.

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