Everything about the SAT exam

Being an American-centered exam SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) was originally required for higher education in the United States, but today it is one of the most required university admissions tests in many countries. The exam is held 7 times a year by an organization called the College Board. It is a paid exam. Due to its international status, the SAT can be taken almost anywhere in the world. To do this, you must first register on the official website of the Collage Board and then choose the exam site closest to you.

There are two types of SAT exams, SAT 1 and SAT 2 separated. Although numbered consecutively, the exams are not a continuation of each other.

The structure of the exam

Structurally, SAT 1 consists of two parts: Reading & Writing and Mathematics. The duration of the exam is 3 hours. Reading part 65 minutes with 52 questions, 35 minutes with 44 questions Writing part is. 5 texts related to psychology and history in the reading section and from each text about 10-11 questions are asked. Given in most cases in the writing section Although you are required to identify spelling errors and mark the correct option, one In most cases, answers are also required according to the given schedule.

The second mathematics, which is a part, is itself divided into two parts. So from the calculator in the first section use is prohibited. At this stage, there are 20 questions that can be easily solved without a calculator, and for those who take the exam You are given 25 minutes. In the second math section, 55 minutes algebra, data analysis, problem solving 38 questions and a scientific calculator allowed to use.

SAT 2 while the exam, the more, the more advanced the knowledge and skills of learners to prove that. Thus, those who take the exam have their own 20 subject exams They can test themselves in the exam by choosing the one that suits their field. SAT Subject exam lasts 1 hour. But here the number of questions depends on the chosen exam shows a difference. While SAT has 85 questions in Chemistry, SAT has 60 questions in Literature.

SAT 2 it is not necessary to pass the exam. This means that the SAT for university admission 1 exam result is enough. But the conditions of competition are taken into account during the admission in which case the presence of a SAT 2 result is considered an advantage.

SAT 1 The score range in the exam is assessed in the range of 400-1600 and both parts It is measured by 800 points. The calculation of the exam result is performed on the basis of the algorithm are hold. Therefore, the number of errors in the exams given at different times Deduction of different points is possible due to. So you got 1550 with 4 mistakes in the first exam in which case the result can be 1580 with the same number of errors the second time. In SAT 2, the maximum score is 800.

SAT with the results of the exam to ADA University in Azerbaijan and America, Turkey, China It is possible to get admission to universities in the country. Required for admission The score varies depending on the chosen university and specialty.

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