How would coronavirus influence students to study abroad this year?

Unfortunately, the virus started in China travels to most of the world without any restrictions. It negatively impacts all areas where we go and do work with all international people.

Now, most parents and students are seriously worried about the university studies they plan to start in September 2020. The most popular destinations are Europe, Turkey, and North America.

Luckily, Turkey has been very successful in protecting their country from the corona to get it. This is very hard to stay away from the virus as a tourist destination country. Lots of Asian and African nations use Istanbul as a transit country to go to the other parts of the world. We hope the virus will die before getting in. It is vital for parents to feel safe to send their children to Turkey for university studies.

Unfortunately, things are not that good in Europe. After getting into Italy, the corvid-19 has spread across all Europe and making it very hard to stay away, but except Italy, most countries have taken strict measures to keep it small. We assume, except Italy, most countries in Europe will be safe to start your education. However, things can go worse or better until then as there is no predictable side of the corona.

North America, both the USA and Canada, are entirely safe to start your studies. Even though some numbers exist in the countries, it is very less likely to get spread country wise. And these countries will take measures to protect the citizens.

Regarding the students, I assume it will be hard for some students from the infected areas to start their programs abroad. Of course, the situation can change significantly until September as we have much time to beat the wrong thing. However, quarantined areas make things harder to get prepared for the universities.

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