I cannot learn English, whom to blame?

Learning a language is not magic and is not a difficult thing. Most of us try to learn a new language in different methods but some works, and some do not. That is when we start blaming ourselves, the method and the teacher.   

We will go over each situation to find out how to find the right route to learn a language. 

I will start with some general stereotypes that are wrong. 

1.    I can only learn English in native countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They are the most popular countries that speak English as a native speaker. There are countries like South Africa, Nigeria, but they are not accepted as much as native as those mentioned above. 

Answer: This idea is entirely wrong. Yes, you can learn English in the mentioned countries, but you can learn the same English in your own country as well. You just need to choose the right method and be disciplined. Many students cannot learn English in England as well. So, the problem is in the discipline we need to obey.

  1. I can learn English only by a native speaker teacher. Most people believe in the theory, and that is why they ask it as a first question when they go to the language school. 
  • I’m afraid that’s not right. Teaching is a profession. Everybody, whether native or not, can teach the language to you without a problem as long as the right method applied. Even, professional, certified teachers (non-native) can teach English much much better than the native speaker who is not a teacher by profession. So, this is not a native speaker issue, and this is a professional issue you need to be careful. 
  • Native speakers are not a teacher by profession who teach abroad and cannot deliver the best results in comparison to the teacher who are professional. Speaking the language does not mean you know the language in-depth to be able to teach it. 
  1. I cannot learn English because I am not an educated person. I have no ability. Most people blame themselves when things do not go well in learning a language.
  • Wrong. Everybody, whether educated or not, can learn any language as long as the right methodology and program applied. Learning a language is not by nature. It is a code you need to keep in your mind and apply it. 

There are many causes, and unfortunately, many people drop learning a language because of the issues that happen beyond their minds and stop them from learning something. 

So basically, learning the English language is as easy as it is if applied correctly. There are three main points to consider learning a language. In the next blogs, I will talk more about three main points to learn a language properly. 

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