English for International Students

Explore CELT Colleges’ English Language Program for international students and boost your English skills. With friendly teachers, fun classes, and cultural experiences, you’ll become a confident English communicator. Join now for new opportunities!

Cambridge English

2 Weeks
  • Lessons 6 days a week
  • Each class is 3.5 hours with some breaks
  • VIP class. Maximum of 3 student
  • Luxury residence included
  • Airport pick-up included
  • Meals not included

Cambridge English

4 Weeks
  • Lessons are 6 days a week
  • Each lesson is 3.5 hours with some breaks
  • VIP class. Maximum of 3 students
  • Luxury residence included
  • Airport pick-up included
  • Meals not included

Our Residence

Why CELT Colleges?

English UK member

CELT Colleges is a member of English UK. English UK is an organization that accredits English language courses.

Online Systematic Teaching

CELT Colleges provides students with an international education with a teaching control system. You can continue your education anywhere without internet without wasting time.

Parental satisfaction

Transparent education system. All our parents can monitor their children's learning process, teacher assessment and student attendance through the online system.

National Book of Cambridge

CELT Colleges uses a national book organized in conjunction with the Cambridge Education System. The books belong only to CELT Colleges.

Interactive Teaching with Games

You learn English not only with books, but also by playing games using our mobile applications. This will help you to remember the words better

Speech Oriented

The teaching method and assessment system are completely focused on practical English. After the first lesson, students always have practical lessons with other teachers.

Questions about English

English is the most widely used and spoken language in the world. … English is a language used in business, science and technology. Learning English will improve your skills in finding a job, participating in discussions and networking. English helps you increase your educational opportunities.

Learning English can help you get a job. English is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy and tourism. Knowing English increases your chances of finding a good job in a multinational company in your country or finding a job abroad.

You can study in English anywhere in the world. Because English is spoken in many different countries, there are thousands of schools and universities around the world that offer English language programs. If you know a good academic English, there are many opportunities for you to find a school and course that suits your needs.

You must be checked first. Then you should start classes according to the program in the office closest to you. What matters is your determination. Learning a language is easy, but as long as you are persistent and determined. In a year you will see that you speak English without thinking very well. It’s not difficult. One year of preparation is enough instead of five years of thinking.

Yes. All our offices have online English classes. To do this, when you call any of our offices, say what you want online.

Yes, of course! You can definitely take a language course with us as a start, and after a while you have reached a level where you can understand yourself in certain everyday situations.

If you want to be able to speak without an accent, the younger you are, the better. Otherwise, researchers believe that early adolescence is the optimal time.

CELT Colleges uses national books prepared by the University of Cambridge. The books belong only to CELT. You will be provided with books when you start classes.

This is never a problem, because my work is not focused on learning one language.

Reading for a long time can be boring quickly, but I aim to use my tongue as practically as I can. If I have an approaching coffee history in the language I set up, even if I’m not in the country, my motivation to learn is very strong and I’ll do a few SRS flashcards, maybe learn some difficult texts or grammar to correct my highlighted words or mistakes.

I do more than just talk this way, but talking is always the key. I knew I would use the language realistically, which means I was motivated to improve it so much just before the meeting. It adds to each of the “last minute” training sessions.

Motivation will always be there when you learn and use it and take it seriously.

Yes, one of my favorite books to help me learn the basics of a language is the Assimil de poche series, written in French. With this book I learned many Hungarian, Turkish and other languages.

And there have been countless moments when someone has helped me learn a language and explained it to me in another language other than English. Most of my Italian friends are friends I met in Spain on the Erasmus exchange program. So when I visited them in their hometowns, they helped me to progress in Italian, constantly explaining that I did not understand Spanish because they did not speak English themselves.