Speech or grammar?

Learning English, the world language, is everyone’s dream. Of course, there may be exceptions. Those who want to learn this language learn it in different ways. As it is a world language, a lot of research has been done on this language, books have been written and so on. For this reason, there are many opportunities for those who want to learn the language, and there are many textbooks. That is, there are favorable conditions for the student to learn. But no matter how favorable the conditions, learning this language seems inaccessible to some people. It’s a little difficult at first, but after reading a bit, it continues normally.

Thus, learners have difficulty in learning English at some points. As we all know, there are four main sections to consider when learning English. These are: Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening. These components are closely related and form the core of the English language. One such factor is the study of speech or grammar when learning English. Some students have difficulty choosing between these two factors. In fact, as I mentioned above, these two components are closely related. Therefore, it is not appropriate to describe them separately. But even though they are closely related, sometimes there are students who are able to speak without knowing grammar, or vice versa. In this article, we will try to clarify such points. First of all, let’s start to explain these two factors separately.

Learning to speak English with all its components is one of the most important issues when learning English. Many people simply learn to speak when learning a language. In fact, as each of us learns a language, we learn to speak that language. But just knowing how to speak does not mean that you know the language well. Thus, when learning English, it is impossible not to learn the other components and learn the speech. Because each of these sections is interconnected. Sometimes there are people who know grammar and other sections at a very low level, while they are fluent in speech. But sometimes you need speech, and sometimes you need grammar. For example, if you just want to go abroad and communicate with foreigners, then it is better to know the conversation well. Because in such cases there is no need for grammar. Knowing how to speak means that you have learned English simply by getting used to it. You do not know any rules. In fact, if we look, we can see that he knows enough grammar and speech. Or he knows enough grammar to speak well. It first depends on the method by which the learner learns the language. For example, someone goes and lives in an English-speaking country for 1-2 years and learns to speak English.

Grammar is one of the main sections taught in English classes. In fact, when you start any language, they start with grammar. So learning a language without grammar is both difficult and complicated. Because at least you need to know in what form the words are used in order to know the language. In general, grammar is the beginning of learning a language. It’s not like you get used to it and learn it. But, of course, there are some people who have the ability to learn a language without knowing grammar. It can be an innate talent, but people with strong memories learn the language in such ways.

In short, you must be able to speak at least one of the four components of the English language. Of course, no matter what the method, the key is to master the language.

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