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It is not difficult to be accepted. Places for international students Although the number is limited, it is relatively easy to be admitted to Italian universities and Admission rules and requirements are quite simple. Entrance exams in many areas There is not even one (except for programs such as medicine, law, architecture) Many universities require you to show a certificate of English or Italian language proficiency is not. The applicant simply has a certificate + 1 year of university education (for a bachelor) or can apply with a diploma and a certificate of last year. Language level It is possible to prove it via skype interview without a certificate.

Down tuition fees and state scholarships: From foreign students The state has access to social benefits for those in need of funding. Therefore, at least one student per year 5,000 You can get a scholarship around the EUR, in addition to being exempted from tuition fees. (Tuition fees are normal 2000-4000 EUR happens around).

Choice freedom: May surprise Azerbaijani students, but the lesson to be held in many Italian universities and the teacher is the student himself chooses (of course within the necessary courses for the specialty)

Design and architecture: The best we say is worth studying in Italy Of course, the specialties are design, architecture, urban planning and civil engineering. This is it programs history such as the University of Bologna or the Polytechnic University of Milan and other technicalities at famous universities and the Polytechnic of Turin English is taught in universities.

Above As mentioned, many universities in Italy offer English education. Italy is one of the most popular countries for foreigners to study Since one is, there is almost any program in English, and already More than 40 percent of university programs are taught in this language.

In Italy While studying, international students can work up to 20 hours a week.

Foreign The student also has the opportunity to work as an intern and from 300EUR to 1000EUR per month can earn up to. Long-term employment contract upon successful completion of the internship There is also an opportunity to sign.

In Italy English medicine is also available. Tor Vergata, Naples Federico, Pavia and Naples English as a Medical Work and Surgery in public universities like Seconda There are 6-year programs in the language.

Bachelor’s degree is 3 years, master’s degree is 2 years.

From famous universities:

University: Bocconi University

City: Milan

QS World Subject ranking: # 10

Specialties: International Management, Business, Economics, Management, Finance, Marketing

Education Fee: € 12,186 (Scholarship is possible)

Requirements: IELTS (B2) / SAT / Entrance Exam

University: Polytechnic at the University of Milan

City: Milan

QS World Subject ranking: # 156

Specialties: Architecture, Design and all kinds of Engineering fields

Education fee: 3898,20 € (Scholarship is possible, completely free of charge)

Requirements: Skype interview / Local certificate / IELTS

University: Bologna University

City: Bologna

QS World Subject ranking: # 180

Specialties: Management, Finance, Engineering, International Relations

Education fee: 3-4,000 € (Scholarship is possible, completely free read)

Requirements: Skype interview / Local certificate / IELTS

University: Sapienza University of Rome

City: Rome

QS World Subject ranking: # 217

Specialties: Management, Finance, Economics, European Studies, Fashion, Engineering

Education fee: 1,000-3,000 € (Scholarship is possible, completely free read)

Requirements: Skype interview / Local certificate / IELTS

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