TKT is a test of professional teaching knowledge and skills for non-native English teachers. This is an ideal opportunity for all teachers, regardless of teaching experience.


  • TEFL – (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
    This expression is most often used when English is taught in countries where it is not the mother tongue. (for example, teaching English to Spaniards in Spain)
  • TESL – (Teaching English as a Second Language)
    TESL is the teaching of English to people whose mother tongue is another language in an English-speaking country. (for example, immigrants in the UK)
  • TESOL – (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) This term theoretically covers both TEFL and TESL.


As a leading TEFL provider, we attach great importance to accreditation. You can be sure that when you take part in our 120-hour course, we will provide you with the necessary quality. Which, will give you the right to teach not only in Azerbaijan, but in any country in the world.

Permanent job opportunities : We know how important it is to find a job abroad for your future business plans. Employment is a major part of our services. Upon completion of the course, our academic staff will establish a direct link between you and the Business Department.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will introduce you to the training opportunities, help you to prepare your CV, provide you with country control and answer all your questions about your future job opportunities.

CELT Colleges has a worldwide network of teachers throughout the year. There are many job opportunities related to TEFL teaching in this network.

What our students say

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What our students say

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Why CELT Colleges?

English UK member

CELT Colleges is a member of English UK. English UK is an organization that accredits English language courses.

Online Systematic Teaching

CELT Colleges provides students with an international education with a teaching control system. You can continue your education anywhere without internet without wasting time.

Parental satisfaction

Transparent education system. All our parents can monitor their children's learning process, teacher assessment and student attendance through the online system.

National Book of Cambridge

CELT Colleges uses a national book organized in conjunction with the Cambridge Education System. The books belong only to CELT Colleges

Interactive Teaching with Games

You learn English not only with books, but also by playing games using our mobile applications. This will help you to remember the words better

Speech Oriented

The teaching method and assessment system are completely focused on practical English. After the first lesson, students always have practical lessons with other teachers.

Questions about TEFL-TESOL

The abbreviation TEFL means to teach English as a foreign language. It is generally used to refer to training courses that almost everyone around the world can take to learn the skills and knowledge required to teach English to non-native speakers.

TEFL means teaching English as a foreign language and TESOL means teaching English to speakers of other languages. These images are generally used interchangeably, but TESOL is more common in the United States and TEFL is more common in the United Kingdom.

Although it is possible to teach abroad without a TEFL certificate, we recommend that you take a TEFL course before you leave. Many countries now require teachers to be TEFL certified, and many employers fire unskilled teachers because they think they do not have enough skills and knowledge.

Although it is possible to teach English online without any formal skills, it is definitely recommended that you complete a TEFL course before you begin, as many online learning platforms require applicants to obtain a TEFL certificate.

An “ESL teacher” can be used to describe different situations because teachers in this field work in different environments and teach very different groups of students. However, the common goal of every ESL teacher is to help people develop their speaking and writing skills in English.

For many years, we have provided people of all ages to start a new career as an English teacher. As long as you are open to new ideas and want to work in the classroom, your age should not be a problem.

Once issued, TEFL certificates are valid for life and do not expire. Wherever you are in the world, you can use your certificate to apply for teaching jobs that prove you have studied a variety of subjects, including English grammar, lesson planning and classroom management.

Learning a foreign language is high on the list of many teachers working abroad. Being able to use the language every day will not only help you learn it quickly, but will also allow you to be more at home in a new environment.

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