The 10 most profitable specialties abroad and in Baku

Be sure to read this blog before deciding on the area you want to read. When investing in your future, it is important to make the right choice. We are all always looking for answers to a few questions.

What specialties should Azerbaijani youth study today?

What is the most lucrative and promising profession?

In what field can I find a more comfortable job?

Let’s take a look at the areas with great job opportunities and earnings abroad and in Azerbaijan.

1. Executive Directors or simply Company executives.

Those who own this field are the most profitable people in the world. The annual income in the world reaches about $ 1 million, and in Azerbaijan this figure varies from 1000 to 20,000 manat per month, depending on the company created by the CEO, of course, this is the income of successful business owners. It depends on your idea and the activity of the company you will create.
But, of course, there is no such thing as a CEO or CEO. Those who have this field are more likely to study Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. You can study this field both in Azerbaijan and abroad.

2. Computer and Information System Administrators. The name of this field is wide and well known.

The most famous rich and successful people in the world are people from the field of technology. It is enough to cover companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook. They became the richest people in the world without simple coding.
This field exists in Azerbaijan and all over the world. It is very advantageous to study this field abroad. Because there is advanced technology and system. Of course, the United States, Britain and other European countries provide good education in this area.

3. Architecture and Engineering Managers

These people are at the forefront of all construction and design. People with good design and engineering skills are among the richest in the world. Europe’s most famous companies make millions from their design and construction in the Arab world.
Some architects make a living by sitting at home and designing. That is, there is always profit in this area, from small to large.

4. Advertising or Marketing Administrators

Many creative people work in this field. The pots are very high. Because there are so many companies and competition that now everyone needs to advertise. Strong advertisers are the top earners who make good promotions. Marketing managers who do this also earn no less than them. It can be read anywhere, but for large companies it is recommended to read abroad.

5. Petroleum Engineers

As long as oil is active in the world, the engineering that manages it will also be active and profitable. The role of our engineers in the world and especially in Azerbaijan is great. This is the most needed specialty in Azerbaijan. And it is possible to work anywhere without the importance of language.

6. Pilots and Aircraft Engineers

You know what a wonderful art piloting is. Travel the world and do your job. Pilots can work anywhere in the world. But a natural license is important. European and US licenses were everywhere.

7. Bank Managers

Managing banks is always a great source of income. But to become a bank manager, you need to work a little harder and finish the areas of good management skills. It is enough to complete such areas as Bank Management, BBA, MBA or Financial Management.

8. Space Engineers

A profession that the world always needs. It is a very good choice for those who love astronomy. There are people from Baku who study in this field and continue their work in Europe, and this is very gratifying. Space engineering is very strong in Europe, especially at the University of Munich. There is no such area in Baku. Aircraft engineers are among the highest earners.

9. Human Resources Manager

Although it does not seem to be very profitable, it is the most important job in Azerbaijan. There is a great need for this area in Baku. Previously, there was no such thing as human resources in Baku. After the arrival of foreign companies, this field came into vogue. Now it is one of the most important works in Baku. Graduates of this field abroad are now the head of human resources in well-known companies such as SOCAR.

10. Medicine or Medicine

Medicine The field is the most respected and profitable field in the history of the world. It is impossible for a person to never see a doctor during that year, so there has always been and will always be a need for doctors (naturally literate doctors). To become a doctor, it is possible to work in public and private hospitals in our country. The average monthly salary of doctors in private hospitals is around 2,000 manat. Public hospitals are paid less than private hospitals in all countries of the world.
To become a doctor, we all know that the only institution that provides medical education in our country is the Azerbaijan State Medical University, where admission is carried out by the SSAC on the 4th group, and the passing score is 500 points. The duration of education is 6 years, as in all parts of the world. That is, you will suffer for 6 years to become a doctor, but in the end you will be able to find a comfortable job for life. Abroad, admission to medical specialties was both a difficult process and tuition fees were high

The best countries in medicine are America, England, Germany and Turkey. Tuition in European and American countries starts at $ 25,000, while in Turkey it starts at $ 4,000 and lasts for 6 years. In addition, if you want to become more professional in the field of medicine, you should study at the Residency. Residency varies from 4 to 6 years, depending on the specialty.

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