• Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna (AHE Łódż)
  • City: Lodz
  • Education level: Bachelor, Master
  • Private university
  • Number of students – 10,000
  • 3 faculties, 21 specialties

About the university

University of the Humanities and Economics in Lódzda It was established in 1993. It is the largest non-governmental higher education institution in Poland. The university has eleven faculties and offers students a wide range of subjects. Students can choose to take one of more than 100 courses. The curricula of these courses are constantly updated in accordance with market requirements.

In 2007, the University was awarded the right to award doctoral degrees in the following disciplines: Linguistics, Technical Sciences and Fine Arts, Information Technology and Visual Arts.

One of the most distinctive features of the University of Humanities and Economics is that it takes an individual approach to learning needs to help each student creatively solve the tasks and problems they face.

UHE is a modern technology academy with the largest free library among non-state schools in the region, along with a professionally equipped publishing house, a television studio, an outpatient clinic and a printing press. Mainframe Systems in Poland – virtualization, operation, mass conversion, etc. The first and only school that offers a specialty in the field.

All courses can be used from both distance learning and distance learning platforms. E-learning allows anyone with access to a computer connected to the Internet to transmit information. Once logged in, students can use the digital library and access practical assignments and multimedia training.

Accepting the expectations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from all universities, UHE in Lodz is developing new curricula in accordance with the requirements of European Education Standards. Education at the university level should include not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also the development of skills.

Among other things, a university must ensure that its graduates can learn throughout their lives, work in a team, and communicate effectively in a group. It is important to acquire personal and social skills. Achieving scientific excellence and enhancing students’ social and individual skills is essential to UHE’s mission. Since its inception, UHE has been developing innovative didactic techniques and methods.



SpecialtyFacultyLanguageApplication feeAnnual fee
GraphicFictionEnglish language200 euros2900 euros / 3400 euros *
ManagementInformatics, management and transportEnglish language200 euros2900 euros / 3400 euros *
Computer scienceInformatics, management and transportEnglish language 200 euros2900 euros / 3400 euros *


SpecialtyFacultyLanguageApplication feeAnnual fee
Political ScienceHumanitiesEnglish language200 euros2900 euros / 3400 euros *

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