What is the SAT exam?

Hello, Hasan Aliyev (Exams Manager) in today’s article about international exams, I share with our readers extensive information about the SAT exam. SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) The exam was created for Americans and foreigners seeking a bachelor’s degree in the United States and was later used in other countries. Today, Azerbaijani youth are more popular for admission to prestigious state universities in Turkey through the SAT. In Azerbaijan, the SSAC took the exam for the first time on January 24, 2015, and before that it took the exam in a number of other institutions. Azerbaijani students can be admitted to ADA University through the SAT exam.


Now let’s explain in detail what the SAT exam is and how it is done. First of all, the SAT exam is divided into two parts, SAT 1 and SAT 2. Let’s explain the differences between them.


SAT 1 – Reasoning Test is a test that lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes. It consists of a test of a student’s mathematics and logic. SAT 1 consists of 3 parts: Mathematics (Mathematics and Geometry), Critical Reading, and Writing. Each part is evaluated between 200-800 points. To be admitted to American universities, you must take an exam in each of these three sections, but for Turkish universities, it is enough to take an exam in Mathematics and Critical Reading. There is no need for a Writing section. To be admitted to a mid-level university in Turkey, you must score more than 1,200 points in both departments, for example, Istanbul University requires 1,250 points.


The SAT 2 Subject Test is a 1-hour test. In this section, the questions are mostly electives. The main purpose of the exam is to test the student’s academic knowledge in any subject. Again, as in SAT 1, in the SAT 2 exam, the questions also vary between 200-800 points. The subjects in SAT 2 can be English, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Japanese, Chinese. And remember, many American universities only accept SAT 1 exams, but it is important to take SAT 2 to get admission to more prestigious universities. There is no need for the SAT 2 exam for admission to Turkish universities.


The SAT exam is held an average of 7 times a year every two months. Exam registration ( http://sat.collegeboard.com/ ) It is possible to get all the detailed information you can access the site.


To prepare for the SAT exam, your English must be upper-intermediate ( B2 ) because your classes will be in English only and 6-8 months are enough to prepare for the exam. CELT Colleges received the status of the first SAT exam center in Azerbaijan in 2007. Our students who take the SAT exam study at well-known universities in the United States and Turkey.

In short, I feel happy if I can help our readers with this article. I will share information about other exams with you in my next articles.

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