What should students do if their SAT exams are canceled?

Spreading around the world since early 2020 COVİD19 The pandemic soon had a negative impact on education, as in many other areas. In many countries around the world, schools and universities have continued to teach online. This process will continue until the end of the semester.

Currently, those who want to take exams and study abroad, especially 11th graders and 4th year students, are deeply concerned about the situation. Of course, no one can say the exact answer to this question, but if we see that the situation is improving, we can say that everything will be fine.

What should students do if they want to study abroad?

As you know, to study abroad SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and so on. exams are required. Due to COVID19, these exams were canceled and students who wanted to take the exam were left in a bad situation. Universities also assessed the situation and made some concessions on admissions. Also, the companies that organize the exam have created certain conditions for pupils and students by applying alternative options. For example, the TOEFL exam can now be taken at home.

Students preparing for the SAT are mainly those who want to study in Turkey. Students preparing to take the March and May exams failed the exam. There are no discounts for these students from public universities yet, but there are discounts at private universities. Many private universities will accept students without the SAT exam and give them some time to take the SAT later. That is, some will accept conditionally, some will accept unconditionally. Collegeboard, which organizes the SAT exam, announced that they will hold the exam on August 29 as soon as possible. This date does not coincide with the dates of admission to Turkish universities. For this reason, some universities plan to open admissions for the same date. Students can continue their education by taking advantage of discounts and rebates offered by private universities.

Currently, admission to Turkish universities for students with and without SAT is underway, and you can be accepted by submitting your documents to us without delay. You can get a free consultation by contacting us. We hope that together we will successfully overcome this virus and will not be an obstacle to achieving our goals.

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